Games Online Mobile Legends has 8 Hero Fighter that you can play, the hero is: Lapu-lapu, Hilda, Ruby, Balmond, Alucard, Bane, Yun Zhao, Chou and Freya. Of the many heroes above, this time I will discuss about Freya Mobile Legends.

Freya is one of the strongest Fighter heroes in Mobile Legends. In general, Freya is used as a War opener in a match.

To maximize Freya usage, this time I will give Freya Mobile Legends Guide, build Freya special items and various interesting tricks about Freya judi poker terpercaya that you can try.

Guide Freya Mobile Legends

As one of the Fighter Initiator heroes, Freya plays an active role in opening a War. Hero with a look like a queen of war can be obtained by doing any top up nominal.

Freya Skill

Almost every attack owned by Freya has a Stun effect on enemy players. This of course can be used by your friends to be able to finish off the enemy quickly.

Passive Skill Freya: Spirit Contact

Bring up a sacred shield when successfully attacked twice with basic attack. If it has reached 3 sacred shields, will result in high damage.

Skill 1 Freya: Wings of Faith

– Cooldown: 10.0
– Mana Cost: 80

Wings of Faith is a skill that allows Freya to jump to a certain place. Each jump will generate 240 damage and make the enemy sucked in the middle.

Skill 2 Freya: Godspeed Strike

– Cooldown: 7.5
– Mana Cost: 80

Increases attackspeed for Freya’s first 3 attacks for 5 seconds. On the 3rd attack, Stun and damage will be 180.

Ultimate Skill 3 Freya: Valkyrie

– Cooldown: 34.0
– Mana Cost: 120

Freya will turn into a Valkyrie that will slow down the enemy and generate 360 ​​damage. In addition, Freya’s physical strength will increase by 20 points, and Magic Resistance increases by 15 points.

Build Item Freya

Freya has a useful Skill to give stun effect to the opposing player. That way, the hero damage of our team dealers will easily slaughter the enemy.

Here are some recommendations of the best Freya Build Item team version of Road Rats:

– Berseker’s Fury
– Swift Boots
– Haas’s Claw
– Windtalker
– Blade of Despair
– Immortality

The recommended Battle Spell when using Freya is Retribution for Jungling or Inspire to increase Freya’s attack speed.

Tips Trick Guide Freya Mobile Legends

As much as possible the level you are not left with the enemy. Do not forget to always finish judi dominoqq off our forest minions and monsters for faster leveling up and having lots of money to buy items.

At Mid Game (5 minutes up) try to finish off the enemy marksman or mage. Because they have enough blood tips and easy to finish off.

The combination of skills when using Freya is Godspeed Strike – Wings of Faith – Valkyrie (2-1-3) or Wings of Faith – Valkyrie – Godspeed Strike (1-3-2)

The final word

That’s the guide Freya Mobile Legends, build special items Freya and various tips interesting tricks about Freya hero you can try.